Privacy Policy

  • We do not, and will not, reveal any details about any of our tenants to any third party whatsoever, unless we are required to do so by law. However, we DO have a legal duty to inform the Stoke City Council of the name, date of birth, University attended and courses of each of our tenants – for the purpose of Council Tax Exemption.
  • We will not sell, rent or otherwise divulge our tenants details in any way whatsoever, to any third party.
  • We do not pass tenant information to anyone without prior consent of the tenant and an explanation as to what information is required and why we wish to divulge such information (for example – an engineer visit to service a boiler would require a tenants name and phone number in order for the engineer to arrange access.)
  • We do not pass any spare house keys to any third party without prior consent of the tenant and an explanation as to why we wish to do so. (for example – if we have need to effect urgent repairs and the tenants have indicated they may not be at the premises at the time.) These would be exceptional circumstances.
  • We will not pass on any details of anyone contacting us through this web site to any third party whatsoever. Any contact made with us is treated as private and confidential at all times.
  • If you have any queries about our Privacy Statement, please contact us.