Student Testimonials

Below we have picked out some comments made by a few of the students, usually by email or text. Hopefully this will give you a “flavour” of the relationship we have with them, as Landlords.

As you will see, we like to be informal, but at the same time professional. We ensure that the equipment and facilities in each house are maintained, and we have a policy of replacing old with new, not second-hand. The students appreciate this and in return will better look after furniture and appliances, etc. As our saying goes, “You look after our house, and we’ll look after you”.

Also wanted to say thanks for being a great landlord past few years and the house has been great. As I say, any problems let us know, keys are in the bedroom door.”

John B.

Seaford Street, Jul 2020

Thank you Alan, considering the circumstances this means a lot. Will have at least a payment for you at the start of October…

Stephen W.

Ashford Street, Sept 2020

Hi Alan, I’ll send through the money now.  Thank you for making this so easy.”

Dana S.

Boughey Road, Oct 2020

Can I just say it has been fantastic being your tenant this year. Thanks.


Michael W.

Seaford Street, Jun 2019

Hey Alan, I’ve moved all my stuff out now and will be paying the rest of my rent in instalments over the next few months. 

Sidra Z.

Seaford Steet, Jun 2019

Thanks for being a wonderful landlord, it has been a blessing having you as my landlord for my final year.

Eva T.

Seaford Street, Jul 2019

Thanks, you too Alan. You’ve been a great landlord.

Tom C.

Seaford Street, Jun 2018

Thank you very much Alan, much appreciated. (from a parent)

Tracy S.

Boughey Road, Jul 2018

Yup…. all fitted and working. Thankyou!!! 

Lauren p.

Boughey Road, Jun 2019

Hey Alan, just to let you know we have been accepted for a house in Hanley, so I will be moving out this Saturday. You have been a brilliant landlord, thank you for everything over the last 2 years.

Tom G.

Ashford Street, Oct 2017

Hi Alan, hope you had a lovely Christmas! Before I forget, the contracts are behind the clock, and we left you a present on top of the microwave…… you are wonderful! Have a great new year!

Abi D.

Boughey Road, Dec 2017

Okay, thanks for having me as a tenant, it’s been a pleasure having you as my landlord! Best wishes… 

Luke E.

Seaford Street, Jun 2018

Hi Alan… thanks again for your patience and understanding, it was really appreciated. Regards.

Alex H.

Seaford Street, Oct 2016

Thanks Alan. If I don’t see you then thanks for everything, you’ve been a great landlord!

Tom V.

Seaford Street, Jun 2017

Thank you Alan, that means a lot and hopefully will go a long way with helping the application… (in responce to a tenant reference request)

Tom G.

Ashford Street, Sep 2017

Just wanted to say thank you for the new modem, it’s working brilliantly and I can actually get on with doing coursework without any wifi interruption! We really appreciate you upgrading it for us!

Jaime E.

Seaford Street, Jan 2016

Beautiful, you’re a fine example to landlords everywhere

Tom J.

Seaford Street, Jan 2016

Best Landlord ever! I really enjoyed my stay at 170 and having such a lovely landlord made university a lot easier. If you’re looking for affordable accommodation then look no further. Thanks Alan for the best 3 years in a house that I really miss.
Haleigh W.

Ashford Street, Sep 2015

Hi Alan! Thanks for the help the other day haha worked a treat! How much is my room a week again? 

Louise I.

Ashford Street, Sep 2015

Just to update you both. Andrew forced me to leave the jelly beans at 65 for the new lads rather than eat them all myself! The new lads arrived today and said to say thank you to you, and also saw the note you left…

Alan Scoones

Landlord! - to ex-tenants - Seaford Street, Sep 2015

Everything is fine with the house, the gas man was around last week, (rent) money’s all paid…

Angela R.

Ashford Street, Aug 2015

Hiya Alan, hope you’re well. The house is now deadlocked. Thank you for being a great landlord for the past 2 years, take care…. the list of “issues” is on the coffee table. Thanks again…

Nicola P.

Seaford Street, Jul 2015

Hey Alan, that’s fine. Thank you for being such a great landlord over the last 2 years…

Josie H.

Ashford Street, Jun 2015

Yeah that sounds great…… would you prefer to go somewhere like the Terrace pub, so we can chat for 5 minutes to make sure we know the plan for next year?

Simon W.

Seaford Street, April 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at 170 Ashford,…… Once again, thanks for everything. The way you handle the property and it’s residents makes for very happy living conditions

Brent L.

Ashford Street, Nov 2014

Thank you for being a really helpful landlord this year, especially since i had lots of trouble with money income. Thanks again, Eve 🙂

Eve K.

Ashford Street, July 2014

Just to let you know that I managed to get a parking permit today, so once again thanks for all your help.

Jess T.

Seaford Street, Sept 2013

Thank you very much and thank you for being a great landlord! There’s not many of them around in this day and age!

Sally H.

Boughey Road, July 2013

There’s a box of biscuits for u in the living room to say thanks for the time in the house. I’ll leave the money I owe you with Aaron before I leave tonight

Kelly H.

Ashford Street, July 2013

Mop bucket was 5-quid and we taught Chris to mop. Woop – Mattress is brilliant :)”

Hannah B.

Ashford Street, Oct 2012

Hi Alan, Thanks for working so hard to fix everything it is extremely appreciated.

Debbie W.

Ashford Street, January 2012

Hey Alan, I must say you truly are a legend and the best landlord’s ever! 1 in a million. Thank you so much for all your hard work and happy new year!!! Many Thanks.
Cam P.

Boughey Road , January 2012

Thank you very much for being such a terrific landlord and making the last two years of living like a student completely stress free. I have recommend you to a fair few people, so you never know!
Marcus L.

Ashford Street, May 2011

We’ve got a few friends looking for houses next year in Stoke and we couldn’t recommend Alasco enough. Will you have any tenants moving out at the end of this academic year, freeing up any 3 or 4 bedroom houses?
Ross C.

Seaford Street, Nov 2010

I just want to start by saying we had a fantastic time whilst staying in xx!!! It was a brilliant. Thanks again for letting us stay over graduation it was very much appreciated. Many Thanks for everything really enjoyed living at xx seaford street we will miss it lots.
Sarah T.

Seaford Street, Jul 2010

Ah, brilliant. I’ve sent that off, it’ll save you the hassle of reminding me a week into October 🙂 I’m actually looking forward to seeing Stoke again too, I didn’t expect to miss the place! Thanks again for being patient
Jake H.

Ashford Street, Jul 2010

Hi Alan, thanks for being a brilliant landlord while I was there 🙂 ……. and if I decide commuting’s too much, I’d definately have you as a landlord again (providing there was space or course!)”
Laura W.

Boughey Road, Jul 2010

Hi Alan, just to let you know we are all out of the house and we have posted all keys through the door, as Mark brought the last set up at his graduation…..Thanks for letting us have the house for the past two years – its been great, Id advise any students to have a rent+bills combo like you have done for us!!
Beth C.

Ashford Street, Jul 2009

Thanks Alan! Someone should be in the house at all times over the next few days so delivery should not be a problem! Ill let you know when they have delivered it. Thanks for arranging everything
Beth C.

Ashford Street, Feb 2009

Hi Alan, the washing machine has now been fixed, thanks for sorting the engineer out for us!
Beth C.

Ashford Street, Feb 2008

Alan, Thanks so much for your cooperation – and for being so understanding……I think what you have said is totally fair and I respect your leniency with me……With regards to showing people round, no problem, just let me know before so I can make the disgusting guys I live with clean up!! Cheers and thanks once again! Your such a fab landlord!
Sara L.

Seaford Street, Jan 2007

Hi Alan – Just a quick email to say thanks so much for coming and fixing a few things in the house, it is appreciated! I hope you had an excellent Xmas and a fabulous new year!
Sara L.

Seaford Street, Jan 2007

Thanks for everything over the past two years, we couldn’t have asked for a better landlord! May see you on our visits to Stoke next year!
Luke C.

Ashford Street, 2006

Thanks for being ok with me leaving moving out until the 8th it makes it much easier to get my stuff together. Im sure the house will be in good condition when you get there, might be worth sending an email in advance though so they can get the place in order. I heard some suspicious rumours the other day that they were planning a tidy up but i dont know how true they were?!! 
Anyway, thanks again, im sure i’ll see you around the 8th. 
All the best alan! kev. 

Kevin R.

Ashford Street, 2006

it is a shame we didnt get to see u again, but you were the best landlord and thank you for letting us live in ashford street! good luck with the businesses!
Priya M.

Ashford Street, 2006

Hi Alan,
I don’t know if the girls have already been in contact but it seems that our washer has now packed it in completely. I did a load this morning (20/03/05) but when Sara tried to wash her work stuff nothing happened. I think the door lock-seel system no longer works therefore the washing machine does not start. As it is Easter there won’t be many of us around – Sara is at work all day, Becca is going home on tuesday, Jo is already away and I will be away Monday-Friday. That means the easiest option may be for you to let yourself in during the week or wait till next weekend as I will be around (although I don’t think you’ll want to work Easter weekend.) Sara is currently using the new machine you installed next door and I think that may suffice for the moment but will not work in the long run. Thanks for the new microwave – it works a treat. If I don’t see you before easter, have a good one.
Anika L.

Seaford Street, 2005

Hi Alan,
Just a quick e-mail to let you know that everyone in Ashford Street has now had their student loans paid into their respective accounts. So feel free to cash any cheques we already owe you. Thanks for your patience and hope to see you soon.
Mike H.

Ashford Street, 2005

Great news about the boiler, thanks for that. I have noticed that the left tap (hot) in the small toilet upstairs doesnt turn as it is very stiff. None of us have managed to move it in fact! If you wanted to have a look at that. Other than that im happy and wish you all the best during the festive period! see you in the new year sir!
Sam V.

Ashford Street, 2005

Thanks a lot Alan, you’ve been a star!!
Dani K.

Seaford Street, 2005

Thanks for lookin after me Alan! Yeah please destroy the cheque for me that’d be ace coz the transactions already been processed from my account.
cheers mate!
Kevin R.

Ashford Street, 2005

Alasco provided a very smooth transition of landlords for us and ensure a quality service is maintained all the time for us. Stars to rent from!!
Sarah L.

Seaford Street, 2004